Name: Sharlene Allen
Position: Account Director

Likes: Haribo and horror films
Dislikes: Mess and answer phones

About:  One of the founders of Guildford Couriers, you will find Sharlene in the office taking care of all deliveries and drivers and the general day to day running of the office.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two boys and getting her hands dirty in the garden.

Name: Peter Murray
Position: Finance Director / Big Van Man

Likes: James Bond, Marvel and Sports
Dislikes: Lateness and bad drivers

About: The other founder of Guildford Couriers, Peter is the person that takes care of all the finances of the company. He also loves being on the road and will be out there with the other chaps doing your deliveries.

Peter loves nothing better then unwinding in the gym after work, spending time with his boys & watching his beloved Tottenham.

Name: Lorraine Shaw
Position: Office Manager

Likes: Animals 
Dislikes: Tea & Coffee

Name: Peter Smith
Position: Small Van Man

Likes:  Bingo

Dislikes: Mess

Name: Ammer Aslam
Position: Big Van Man

Likes: Cooking 
Dislikes: The cold!

Name: Nick Cremer
Position: Small Van Man

Likes: Friday Kebab
Dislikes: Cleaning vans

Name: Ben Ferns
Position: Big Van Man

Likes: Winning 

Dislikes: Losing

Name: Jordan Elmhirst

Position: Porter

Likes: Beating Ben!

Dislikes: Losing to Ben!

Name: Howard
Position: Big Van Man

Likes: Playing in a band

Dislikes: London traffic

Name: Alin Cubis
Position: LWB Van Man

Likes: Countryside
Dislikes: Pool rules

Name: Simon Peto
Position: Sprinter Man

Likes: Off roading

Dislikes: People