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A Dedicated courier will collect from the specified point, at the specified time and personally take the goods directly to the destination. We do not, as other courier companies, do extra drops on the way or wait for other deliveries going
in the same direction on this service, we simply pick up your items and deliver them as soon as possible. We can offer this service to anywhere in the UK and most of Europe. This is obviously the most secure way to send your goods.


Covered by GIT insurance.

An International delivery will be collected from the specified point and shipped by the relevant means, i.e. air or road, through our extensive range of agents and delivered to any destination Worldwide. Again, items sent this way must be packaged securely and if the shipment is going outside of the EU, then the relevant documentation will be required (we can assist with this if necessary)



An Overnight delivery will be collected from the specified point and will be driven through the night with our overnight carrier. Timed deliveries, such as AM, pre 10.30am and pre 9.30am can also be arranged. All items sent this way must be securely packaged and easily breakable items, such as glass should not be sent this way. This is more cost effective than a Same Day, but not always ideal for fragile or sensitive material. This service covers the UK


We work closely with hospitals, to deliver urgent equipment to other hospitals in the country. We have very fast response time and understand the urgency of the equipment that is being sent.

Covered by GIT insurance

Important paperwork needs signing? A proof that needs to be checked? We will deliver your item and wait for it to be given back to us to return to you.


Covered by GIT insurance



Need to get to an urgent meeting in France or waiting for your passport to come so you can go on the much deserved holiday? We can do the painful work for you and send, wait and collect your passport all in one day!

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